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Steelhead Pro is a professional fishing guide or charter boat captain.
Learn how to catch Steelhead with a Steelhead pro.
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Pat Abel Guide Service

Winter Steelhead

While a day fishing with Pat is usually productive, Pat's willingness to share his extensive knowledge of Oregon's fishing opportunities makes sure you end your day with much more than, "Just a fishing trip". So if a day fishing with a knowledgeable local expert with an easy going attitude is something that appeals to you, check out the fish calendar page to see what time of year and type of fish you would like to pursue. Then sit back, relax and enjoy scenic views on your unique outdoor experience.

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Salmon and Steelhead are great sport and popular
fishing on the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington.
A Steelhead pro can also catch Salmon, often using
similar steelhead fishing techniques.

Winter run steelhead fishing on the Skykomish, Cowlitz, Lewis, Kalama and Snoqualmie extends or for Olympic Peninsula�s wild steelhead and drift fishing for Steelhead in Washington and how to fishing techniques and tackle for Steelhead.

Washington Steelhead fishing using light tackle. Fish for steelhead in the Beautiful Northwest - Washington state.

World Class Steelhead Fishing Adventures

Steelhead fishing reports:

The native winter Washington steelhead is sometimes catch and release on the Olympic Peninsula.
The Cowlitz and Skykomish rivers have runs of Steelhead.

Drift boat trips are for Steelhead fishing for summer run Washington steelhead on the Cowlitz, Skykomish, Snoqualmie, Columbia, Klickitat, Kalama, Willamette and Washougal Rivers and the Olympic Peninsula. Washington Steelhead fishing from ar drift boat or jet sled depends on the time of year and river conditions.

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